Band News 4/19/18

Post date: Apr 19, 2018 2:03:20 PM

The end of the year is fast approaching. Please read this carefully as there is a lot of information contained.

Trip Registration - 4/20/18

Students and parents who wish to be a chaperone(chaperones need to be a parent or legal guardian) need to register for the trip by this Friday, April 20th. All Information about the trip can be found here!

Lou Malnati's Fundraiser

The Lou Malnati's Fundraiser ends this Friday. Please send in a single check made out to the Addison Trail Music Boosters for the total number of pizza cards ordered and your order form. Pizza Cards and the order forms will be delivered back to you on 5/18 at the music department banquet.

Spring Concerts

The first Spring Concert featuring the Concert Choir, Treble choir, Wind Ensemble and Chamber Strings is Wednesday, April 25th at 7:30 PM. Admission is $3. This is the concert where all seniors will be recognized for on their last on stage experience. Refreshments will be served afterward.

The Second Spring Concert will feature the BeginningMixed Chorus, the Symphonic Band, and the Symphony Orchestra. That concert is May 2nd t 7:30 PM and admission is also $3.

The final concert is the Jazz Cafe on Thursday, May 10th at 7;30 PM in the studio theater. This will feature Shades of Blue, The Jazz Combo, and the Jazz Ensemble.

Music Department Banquet

The music department banquet is Friday, May 18th at 6 PM. Admission is $13 a person and includes a meal of chicken, mostaccioli, sausage and peppers, Italian Beef and tossed salads. Every student in the music department will be recognized in some way and special awards will be presented to outstanding and most improved musicians in every ensemble. The RSVP form is attached below.

Final Exam Recordings - Wind Ensemble 4/27, Symphonic Band 5/4

For the final exam in Band, each student will need to record a solo in Smartmusic. Students in the honors section will fulfill this requirement with the honors solo recital. PDF's of these solos can be found here: Wind Emsemble Symphonic Band

Additionally, students in Symphonic Band will need to play all 12 major scales in one octave from memory. This can be done all at once(all 12) or in small groups(1-4 scales at a time). Students who play their scales in small groups may also be asked to replay any scale they have checked off previously to ensure retention.

Etude Recordings - Wind Ensemble 5/2, Symphonic Band 5/9

Each ensemble has one final recording due using Smartmusic. The due dates are above. be sure to ask your son or daughter if they have completed and submitted these recordings

Honors Credit 2018-19: Due-5/14/18

Students who wish to receive honors credit for the 2018-19 school year must first audition for Mr. Corey. Each student will play the entire ILMEA band audition for their instrument. Students must play the scale sheet without error but at a playable tempo. Students must also prepare the etudes paying attention to all of the notation except tempo. Slower tempos will be accepted. All IMEA audition materials can be found HERE. You may also refer to these recordings for help with your audition.

Upcoming Dates

4/20 - Trip Registration

4/20 - Lou Malnati's orders due

4/25 - Spring Concert I(7:30 PM), Wind Ensemble

4/27 - Wind Ensemble Solos Recordings due

5/2 - Spring Concert II(7:30 PM), Symphonic Band

5/2 - Wind Ensemble Tech Bb etude recording due

5/3 - Colorguard Tryouts(7 PM)

5/4 - Symphonic Band Solo Recordings due

5/9 - Symphonic Band Tech Bb etude recordings due

5/10 - Jazz Cafe(7:30 pm), Jazz Ensemble

5/18 - Music Department Banquet(6 PM)

5/20 - Graduation

6/5 - Drumline Workshop(Audition Materials)

6/7 - Drumline Auditions

6/12 - Summer Band(7 pm, 6 pm for drumline): Required event

6/14 - Summer Band(7 pm, 6 pm for drumline): Required event

6/19 - Summer Band(7 pm, 6 pm for drumline): Required event

6/21 - Summer Band(7 pm, 6 pm for drumline): Required event

6/26- Summer Band(7 pm, 6 pm for drumline): Required event

7/3 - Summer Band(7 pm, 6 pm for drumline): Required event

7/4 - Bensenville Independence Day Parade(10 AM): Required Event

7/5 - Perform at Great America(Tentative)

7/30-8/7 Band Camp(Weeknights 5-10 pm): Required Event

Note: Summer Band, Summer performances, and Band Camp are required events for all ATHS Band students and are provided at no cost except for ticket to Great America or a band T-shirt. However, the ATHS Band realizes the importance of family time during the summer. Therefore, we ask that you try and schedule vacations around these dates, but understand if that is not possible. Students are also excused if they have an athletic game or meet on the day of a rehearsal. Students are expected to supplier their employer with this schedule in advance as work is not an acceptable excuse to miss a school event. In any case, please communicate any absence with this form.