Final Exam Semester 1 2017

Post date: Nov 10, 2017 3:51:48 PM

Your final exam consists of 2 parts which can be completed anytime between now and December 8th. All outstanding assignments and "do overs"must be completed by that date.

Part 1 - Scales

Students will play the scale sheet attached below. This is a green/red note Smartmusic assessment. Students should prepare these scales as we have done in class by playing each line and ending on the downbeat of the next line. Do this repeatedly until each line is smooth and relaxed. Play a line or 2 each day 5-10 times and you will have no difficulty mastering these scales.

Part 2 - Solo

Each student is assigned a solo to prepare and record in Smartmusic. Copies of the solos for each section can be found below. Students should prepare these solos by playing small sections of music slowly and repeatedly, ensuring that not only are the notes and rhythms correct but that each student produces a good tone, in tune with appropriate articulation and expressive dynamics. Smartmusic can help students prepare by playing their part for them when practicing. Students can also slow the tempo down for their solos(within reason) before they submit them. Solos have been assigned in Smartmusic for every instrument except percussion. Percussion will use the Practice Tools, to record their solo, save it as an MP3 file and then upload that MP3 file to the assignment they have been sent.

Remember, all playing finals must be submitted before December 8th. Do not wait until then! Use Thanksgiving break to turn in at least one of these assignments.