Final Exam and Honors Credit information

Post date: Mar 23, 2018 2:12:22 PM

Final Exam - Due 5/4/18

For the final exam in Symphonic Band, each student will need to record a solo in Smartmusic. Students in the honors section will fulfill this requirement with the honors solo recital. Attached below are PDF's of the solos for each instrument.

Additionally, students in Symphonic Band will need to play all 12 major scales in one octave from memory. This can be done all at once(all 12) or in small groups(1-4 scales at a time). Students who play their scales in small groups may also be asked to replay any scale they have checked off previously to ensure retention.

Honors Credit 2018-19: Due-5/14/18

Students who wish to receive honors credit for the 2018-19 school year must first audition for Mr. Corey. Each student will play the entire ILMEA band audition for their instrument. Students must play the scale sheet without error but at a playable tempo. Students must also prepare the etudes paying attention to all of the notation except tempo. Slower tempos will be accepted. All IMEA audition materials can be found HERE