Pep Band 2017-18

Post date: Nov 27, 2017 8:39:54 PM

Here is the information you need for this season's pep band. Below are the assignments and the dates for each band. Dress is BAND T-SHIRT and blue jeans. Students who are not wearing the proper dress will not receive full credit. As always, students who perform at a game they are not assigned get extra credit but only if they are on time and properly dressed. Also, students who miss a performance must make up that performance by performing at a game for the other band but only if they have given the written 2 weeks notice as stated in the band handbook(Absence form link). Remember that work is never an excuse for missing a school event.

Blue Pep Band(All Call times are 1 hour before tip-off and are subject to change)

12/15 6:30 Pm

1/12 6:30 PM

1/26 5:00 PM*

1/30 6:00 PM

2/9 6:30 PM*

Josiah Varghese 01-DM

Gianna Caruso 01-DM

Nina Caliendo 01-DM

Esbeyda Martinez 02-Flute

Angela Addante 02-Flute

Jorge Duran 02-Flute

Kevin Esparza 02-Flute

Molly Drogosz 02-Flute

Clarissa Valdez 02-Flute

Gina Tomasello 02-Flute

Ariana Alvidrez 02-Flute

Jessica Myrda 02-Flute

Sharon Estrada Trujillo 02-Flute

Gillian Ward 03-Clarinet

Ashley Miranda 03-Clarinet

Annalisa Bucaro 03-Clarinet

Alondra Sainz 03-Clarinet

Katherine O'Brien 03-Clarinet

Saul Murillo 03-Clarinet

Joanna Garay 03-Clarinet

Martyna Bednarski 03-Clarinet

Cenorina Martinez 04-Sax, Alto

Agne Siupienius 04-Sax, Alto

Gerardo Alvidrez 04-Sax, Alto

Edward Haskell 04-Sax, Alto

Anna Tracz 04-Sax, Alto

Rafal Kaczowka 04-Sax, Alto

Caleb Michaliska 04-Sax, Alto

Nikki Mancilla 04-Sax, Alto

Alexander Torres 04-Sax, Alto

Margaret O'Connell 04-Sax, Alto

Jonathon Ramos 05-Sax, Tenor

Edward Ficarra 05-Sax, Tenor

Nicholas Mitchell 05-Sax, Tenor

Anna Anelli 07-Trumpet

Stephanie Avila 07-Trumpet

Claudia Czerepko 07-Trumpet

Daniel Medina 07-Trumpet

Ryan Ficarra 07-Trumpet

Daniel Orsi 07-Trumpet

Brooke Bolsinger 08-Mellophone

Roberto Guzman 09-LB - Trombone

Gerardo Alfaro 09-LB - Trombone

Jose DeCasas 09-LB - Trombone

Klaudia Kulikowski 09-LB - Trombone

Christopher Preciado 09-LB - Trombone

Sergio Serna 10-LB - Baritone

Quincy Gunnerson 11-LB - Sousaphone

David Martinez 11-LB - Sousaphone

Petya Haralanova 12-Perc, Mallets

Andy Hernandez 13-Perc, Snare

Elizabeth O'Brien 13-Perc, Snare

Nick Montgomery 13-Perc, Snare

Salvatore Caccio 14-Perc, BD1

Kevin Setyadi 14-Perc, BD2

Andrew Drogosz 14-Perc, BD3

Alexander Venuti 14-Perc, BD4

Jonathan Lollino 15-Perc, Quads

*indicates both bands are playing

White Pep Band(All Call times are 1 hour before tip-off and are subject to change)

1/9 6:00 PM

1/20 5 :00 PM

1/26 5:00 PM*

2/6 6:00PM

2/9 6:30 PM*

Josiah Varghese 01-DM

Gianna Caruso 01-DM

Nina Caliendo 01-DM

Natasha Oliveira 02-Flute

Teagan Whitaker 02-Flute

Tiffany Truong 02-Flute

Juliana Sannasardo 02-flute

Miguel Diaz 02-Flute

Christine Thomas 02-Flute

Jonathan Roeglin 02-Flute

Peter Werdertich 02-Flute

Michelina Pulice 02-Flute

Daniella Cassata 02-Flute

Maria Madey 03-Clarinet

Sabrina Cucinella 03-Clarinet

Peyton Haskell 03-Clarinet

Stephanie Preciado 03-Clarinet

Karime Martinez 03-Clarinet

Alexa Giometti 03-Clarinet

Baylee Merrill 03-Clarinet

Quintila Villalobos 03-Clarinet

Sofia Koulouvaris 04-Sax, Alto

Jennifer Delapaz 04-Sax, Alto

Rachel De Haro 04-Sax, Alto

Andrea Acosta 04-Sax, Alto

Emanuel Velez 04-Sax, Alto

Kim Moseley 04-Sax, Alto

Kelly Barzykowska 04-Sax, Alto

Jovan Stosic 04-Sax, Alto

Madison Walsh 04-Sax, Alto

Moises Reynaga 04-Sax, Alto

Cole Parent 05-Sax, Tenor

Demi Wilson 05-Sax, Tenor

Kenneth Bartkiewicz 07-Trumpet

Elliot Jasso 07-Trumpet

Luis Aguirre 07-Trumpet

Cole Greaves 07-Trumpet

Andrew Mackey 07-Trumpet

Brian Meagher 07-Trumpet

Nicole Porter 08-Mellophone

Stephen Zhao 09-LB - Trombone

Noel Saldierna 09-LB - Trombone

Michael Porter 09-LB - Trombone

Arianna Ortiz 09-LB - Trombone

Francisco Vences 09-LB - Trombone

Angel Hernandez 10-LB - Baritone

Isaac Etheridge 11-LB - Sousaphone

Max Gross 11-LB - Sousaphone

Martin Lopez Jr 13-Perc, Snare

Evan Grossman 13-Perc, Snare

Lucas Gorniak 13-Perc, Snare

Alejandro Salazar 13-Perc, Snare

Natalia Sawicka 14-Perc, BD1

Sienna Alicea 14-Perc, BD2

Irving Hernandez G 14-Perc, BD2

Luis Medina 14-Perc, BD4

Ivan Baca 15-Perc, Quads

*indicates both bands are playing

Set List - Make sure you have all of these in your flip folio. You may download missing copies from here!

School song

National Anthem

Uptown Funk

Uma Thurman

Shake It Off

Counting Stars


All I do is Win

I want you Back


Don’t Stop Believin’

EWF Medley

Getaway/September (Start at 18)


Na Na hey hey Kiss Him Goodbye

You Give Love a bad Name

Any Way You Want It

Let’s Groove

Crazy Train

Livin on a Prayer

Sweet Caroline

Take on Me

Cupid Shuffle


Game of Thrones

24 K Magic

Locked out of Heaven

Through the Fire and the Flames

Paint it Black