Assignment 2 & 3

Post date: Sep 18, 2017 2:15:19 PM

Assignment 2:

Assignment 3

  • Complete this music theory pretest. Though your score will not be calculated in the grade book, this will determine what skill you need to learn and therefore define how much work you will need to do moving forward.
  • Click on this link:
  • Click on the button marked, " I have a code."
    • The code for students enrolled in Wind Ensemble is XQ6J7K
    • The code for students enrolled in Wind Ensemble Honors is L85GDK
  • You must work alone. This test can be completed at home. The questions are randomized so comparing answers will not help you.
  • Please note that for each question you may have to click on multiple bubbles. For instance, if the answer to a question is "Ab Minor" you will need to click on A, Flat and Minor in order for your answer to be correct.
  • There is no time limit but this must be completed before midnight.