Football Game Reminders

Post date: Sep 8, 2017 6:59:55 PM

First Football Game - 9/22/17

5:45 PM - Students arrive ATHS(Be sure to eat before this time)

6:00 PM - Students get dressed. All students need to wear BLACK SOCKS THAT COVER THEIR ANKLES!!! and a t-shirt, under their uniform.

6:15 PM - Warmup/Show Run through on the east field

7:00 PM - Depart for stadium

7:15 PM - Pre game music

  • Paint it Black
  • Cupid Shuffle
  • Sweet Caroline
  • Take on Me

7:25 PM - Line up in south end zone. Parade block 5 across

7:30 PM - March block to the center of back hash zone.(see attached form). Play Anthem and school song

7:35 PM - March to north end zone. Take seats for the Game.

During the game, students must remain in the bleachers and cannot leave for any reason. Food and drinks are not allowed while in uniform and uniforms must remain on during the entire game.

8:30 PM - With 3 minutes left in the half, student line up in pre-show formation on the track. Band marches to starting position then performs the field show.The band will march back to their seat, retrieve items and then return to the building. Students are excused when they have returned their uniforms to the racks CORRECTLY and have returned their instruments to their lockers.