Recommend and Required Equipment

Recommended Instruments - Here are some recommendations. Try before you buy. The instrument that plays the best for you is not always the most expensive. These instruments are starting points.



Bb Clarinets

Alto Sax

Tenor Sax


French Horns


Recommended Accessories:


Tonal Energy - Tuner/Metronome

Clear Tune - Tuner

iStrobosoft - Tuner

Tempo - Metronome

Drill Book Next - Marching Band

iRealPro- Improvisation

Tenuto - Music Theory

Instruments - Fingering Charts

Mouthpieces: Mouthpieces are a combination of personal preference and playing style. Look for a mouthpiece that improves tone quality and ease of playing. To find this, the student must try the mouthpieces. Below are recommended brands and links to local vendors.

Clarinet: Vandoren 

Music and Arts

Band Source

Quinlan & Fabish

Saxophone: Selmer C*(classical), Meyer, Otto Link, Berg Larsen(jazz)

Music and Arts

Band Source

Quinlan and Fabis

Trumpet: Bach 3C or 1C(no substitutions), Schilke 17 or above(classical), Schilke 17 or below, Marcinkiewicz or Warburton(jazz)

Music and Arts

Quinlan and Fabish

French Horn: Holton Farkas or Schilke

Music and Arts

Band Source

Quinlan and Fabish

Trombone: Bach 7C, 6 1/2AL Schilke 47-50(classical), Bach 7C, 11C, Schilke 47-45(B cup), Marcinkiewicz

Music and Arts

Band Source

Quinlan and Fabish