Smartmusic Assignments 1&2

Post date: Aug 29, 2017 2:03:47 PM

The first 2 Smartmusic assignments have been posted. As with all Smartmusic assignments, students who do not record them by the due date will perform these assignments live in class.

If you are a freshman, use this link to enroll in the Symphonic Band Smartmusic class and begin your assignments.

Assignment 1 - Scale Pretest (9/8/17)

Students will record to the best of their current ability, the first half of the ILMEA Scale Sheet. This score is recorded to measure growth but will not count in the grade book. You will, however, receive a grade for doing the assignment. Students that do not complete the pre-test will perform for the class for a reduced effort grade.

Assignment 2 - Alma Mater

All students must SING their part of the Alma Mater. Students will sing verses 2 and 3 using the lyrics provided. Students who sing on LA will receive a lowered grade. Students who play instead of sing will be required to do it again or sing in class.